A Resolution of Honor


The third book in the Trilogy of the John Bremen Chronicles


front-cover-draft-a-resolution-of-honor Wayne Head Shot 1_Copy



MW Burdette’s third book in the John Bremen Chronicles, A Resolution of Honor, brings Tran Klahan Chu back to the City of Dallas to join his friend and mentor John Bremen.   After surviving an attack by the crime family in Denver, Klahan is ready to seek revenge the only way he knows how.  Klahan will again team up with his FBI friend to bring the gangsters in Dallas to justice.


In this third and last book in the series, Klahan has been nursed back to health and is invited to attend the FBI Training Course at Quantico in Langley, Virginia.  Klahan teaches his friend how to maintain one’s honor as he and John join forces with Daphne Whitacre and set a trap for their old nemesis, Danny Briggs, and the Dallas mafia family.

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