The Ultimate Challenge

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                                                         Synopsis of The Ultimate Challenge

MW Burdette continues the saga of John Bremen and his Vietnamese friend, Tran Klahan Chu, as they get involved pursuing the extortion and drug violence in the City of Denver. While pursuing their mission to shut down the local mafia family, John is forced to go undercover in a dangerous scenario that threatens his very existence.

In this second book in a series of three novels, John has recently finished the FBI Training Course at Quantico in Langley, Virginia, and is transferred to the Denver office of the FBI.  He meets Daphne Whitacre who becomes his girlfriend and fellow crime fighter. She is a lieutenant with the Denver Police Department. John is haunted by the knowledge that his old nemesis, Danny Briggs, has become a member of the Dallas mafia family, and he and Jimmy “The Hammer” Garrison are on a collision course with the FBI and John’s team of agents. John, Klahan, and Daphne all face the ultimate challenge of their lives while bringing these criminals to justice.


MW Burdette’s first book, in the John Bremen Chronicles of Fighting Crime, focused on espionage and betrayal of one’s country for the sake of monetary gain. His second book in this continuing saga continues to deal with crime, but now power and control has become the focal point of the narrative. Having lived in Dallas, Texas, for several years, he brings a unique look at the potential undercurrent of crime lurking beneath the surface of everyday life in a major city. Burdette lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife and two West Highland Terriers.