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MW Burdette was born and reared in the “Magic City”–Birmingham, Alabama, before pursuing interests and experiences that would take him across the world and to many cities throughout this country. Burdette attended local schools in Birmingham before completing a degree in Business Administration at the University of Montevallo and post graduate study at North Texas State University.

Following college, Burdette served in the U.S. Army in Saigon, Texas, and California during the Vietnam War. His years in military intelligence forever changed his ideas about politics, war, and crime–themes that he returns to repeatedly in his fiction.

Burdette’s writing life began in earnest after full careers in sales management and real estate–fields that afforded him the opportunity to meet and study many different kinds of people from aggressive business associates, law enforcement officers to petty thieves, artists and musicians. This wide range of clients, buyers, employees, fellow soldiers, and others have helped him to create interesting characters from all walks of life.

To this point in time, Burdette’s fiction falls into two genre–crime and mystery novels. His first three works–In Search of an Identity, The Ultimate Challenge, and A Resolution of Honor are three novels in his trilogy about John Bremen, the super sleuth, and his sidekick and Vietnamese friend Klahan. Together they track down a dangerous U.S. Army traitor, Danny Briggs, who is smuggling arms into the United States.   Briggs, a worth adversary, joins the Mafia to become John’s nemesis in the Ultimate Challenge.

Burdette’s current novel, Death at the Cathedral, is the first in a series of murder mysteries featuring the irreverent and brilliant LT Maggie Watson. In the first mystery Maggie must hunt down the murderer of an unidentifiable man who is found in the local cathedral in Rowlette, Illinois. He plans to release two more novels in the Maggie Watson Series sometime in the near future.

Burdette has lived in Atlanta, Georgia for over three decades with his wife. When he is not writing, he may usually be found walking his two West Highland Terriers while thinking through another exciting plot for an upcoming mystery novel. To learn more about MW Burdette and his novels, please visit


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Front Cover - In Search of an Identity 

Synopsis of In Search of an Identity

MW Burdette weaves together a stunning story about a

US Navy lieutenant, John Bremen, who is tricked into participating in the Vietnam War by a senior officer. Bremen has his life planned out when he enlists in the US Navy, but the events that take place while he is in Saigon, Vietnam, in the early 1970s change his direction and engulf him in an undercover operation to track down a traitor. Bremen’s involvement in counter espionage almost costs him his life. In this first book in a series of three novels, John Bremen becomes a super sleuth as he and his Vietnamese friend Klahan track down a dangerous and devious traitor who is smuggling arms into the United States.

John’s mission takes him to the brothels of Saigon and Cholon,

the beautiful city of Bangkok, Thailand, and the shores

of Kumamato, Japan, and transform him from a naïve junior officer into a highly regarded CIA operative. John learns the importance of trusting one’s friends as he struggles to find his true identity.



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The first in a trilogy of John Bremen fighting crime around the world and the mysteries that develop while doing it.

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