Death at the Cathedral

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Synopsis of Death at the Cathedral


Following the successful completion of his John Bremen Chronicles trilogy, MW Burdette now tells the compelling story of a police lieutenant, Maggie Watson, who is the Chief Murder Detective for the City of Rowlette, Illinois, a small town fifty miles southwest of Chicago.


Death at the Cathedral is the first in a series of murder mysteries featuring the irreverent, brilliant LT. Maggie Watson, who must hunt down the murderer of an unidentifiable body in the local cathedral. As the novel unfolds and more people and animals are killed, Maggie realizes that someone in her past has targeted her for violence as well, so she must fight for her life against a formidable adversary.  She assembles a task force of friends from work, high school, and college to bring the criminal to justice.

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MW Burdette’s first three books in the John Bremen Chronicles of Fighting Crime focused on the military, espionage, and crime. Death at the Cathedral, the first in an upcoming series of murder mysteries, focuses on the disturbing world of maniacal murderers. Burdette’s new series reveals the potential danger in everyday life for ordinary people. Burdette lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife and two West Highland Terriers.