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MW Burdette has led a colorful life that feeds his imagination for his fiction.  Born just after World War II into a respectable, loving, but humble home in Alabama, he grew up valuing the importance of education, so his father and mother encouraged him to attend a local college, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree.  Graduating at the height of the Vietnam War crisis in our country, he enlisted in a branch of the U.S. Army and was immediately issued orders for Vietnam, contrary to what his recruiter had promised.  Going to war had a dramatic effect on his life, and his military experiences provided a rich source of information for the writing of his first novel, In Search of an Identity, the first of three books in the John Bremen trilogy.  Bremen’s adventures take him to Saigon, Denver and Dallas to help solve mysteries and bring criminals to justice.

Burdette worked in sales and sales management for most of his adult life, before becoming a real estate broker, which further exposed him to a colorful and varied group of individuals, experiences that help him create characters we can all identity with–people with whom we interact with on a daily basis.  Some of his experiences with authorities in law enforcement have definitely informed his mystery novels as well.

His new murder mystery series, The Maggie Watson Mystery Series, reveals how many potential dangers lurk among everyday people.  The first novel in that series, Death at the Cathedral, is available on Amazon.com and soon will be available on Barnes and Noble.com as well.